Made for Kenney Jam 2020. Theme: Spooky!/Cursed! (I misread it at first, it still kind of works I think). I spent less than 12 hours on it over the weekend.


You've been locked in a CURSED room (nailed it) with zombies coming at you from every direction! The more you hit them, the less you can see them as it wears your flashlight out. If you rest it will recharge, but how long can you wait before they eat your brains? The zombos will start spawning faster as the night goes on, so keep your wits about you!

High scores aren't recorded, so if you think you did well, please share your score in the comments!


Use WASD or the directional keys to move, SPACE to pause, and use a MOUSE/TRACKPAD to attack in the direction you're facing. The main triangle of the flashlight is your attack area (ish). Score is based on how long you survive and how many zombies you defeat. Good luck!


Improvements based on peoples' suggestions that I plan to implement in the post-jam cleaned-up version of the game:

  • Flashlight darkens faster, re-brightens more slowly
  • Zombos spawnrate cap should go to be even faster
  • Room should have obstacles (and probably a visible border like a wall)
  • Add some alternative enemy types, and/or make the zombos smarter about keeping out of the way of the light
  • Give zombos more lives (or add tougher zombos that have more lives)
  • Add some item pickups, like batteries to improve the torch or extra lives
  • Decrease the range of the nearby zombo vision (twitchy clickers have enough time to immediately turn around and whack 'em, faster than us with a trackpad!)
  • Quieten the zombo spawn sound effects as the spawn rate increases
  • Tweak the movement speed up (at least for zombos) and ensure that all speeds and time-based counters use the frame time!
  • Finally, tweaking balance by playtesting with a mouse!

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